Off-grade Silicon and Silicon Slag
Catalog No.
Si content
SS-75 (Silicon Slag)
SS-80 (Silicon Slag)
SS-85 (Silicon Slag)
SS-90 (Silicon Slag)
OS-95 (Off-grade Si)
The material is available from any particle size range as requested by customers.  We have a milling facility that is
capable of meeting demands of any particle size ranges.  The material is also available in chucks of 3 – 5 mm size.
The silicon off-grade or slag material  is a by-product from production of  silicon metal of ≥99% purity.   To ensure
the quality of the
JSM series product line, top portion of the melt is separated when draining from the electric-arc
furnace. The less pure portion of silicon metal typically contains higher contents of iron, aluminum, calcium  and
other slags.  With the employment of density separation machines, different grades of silicon slag/off-grade silicon
are segregated efficiently.

The silicon slag or off-grade material is much cheaper than ≥99% purity silicon metal, and has many industrial
applications. For example, It is

  • Used as de-oxidizing agent in steel production to reduce oxygen levels in the melt via reaction such as
                   Si + 2 O (in liquid Fe) ––> SiO2
    (SiO2 is formed as a solid dispersed in molten Fe, and subsequently floats to the surface of the melt. It is
    removed by either skimming or by draining molten iron from the bottom);
  • Use as de-oxidizing agent in the production of magnesium, chromium and other metals via the same
  • Used in the production of lower grade of Si3N4 in a cost effective manner, the material is suitable for
    refractory applications such as refractory bricks and other high-temperature applications;  
  • An economical feedstock in the manufacture of silica sol or colloidal silica;
  • A low cost feedstock in the manufacture of organosilyl derivatives and silicone products.
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